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Oliver Gleave, Loop Software - 10 Questions That Need Answering

We have been asking investors in Oliver Gleave’s failed venture Monii Limited what are the key questions that as an investor you would like answering?

Oliver has maintained “radio silence” when it comes to answering questions about Monii and the investment opportunity offered on the CrowdCube platform. He’s even removed any reference to Monii from his LinkedIn profile (insert link) and continues to not provide the financial information that has been asked for on several occasions.

So here we go with the top 10 questions to Oliver Gleave that investors want answering:

1. Why did you decide to stop trading 64 days after receiving £180,770 raised on the CrowdCube investment platform?

2. What did some investors receive a full refund of their investment whilst others were ignored?

3. Why did you take £60,000 pounds for yourself days after receiving the funds from CrowdCube?

4. Monii Limited did not have one paying client so can you further explain your comments made on CrowdCube about customer numbers?

5. Why did you keep the Monii website up and continue social media posts for a further six months?

6. Why did you wait until November 2018 before legally dissolving Monii Limited?

7. Where did the £26,000 cash registered at Companies House go?

8. In accordance with your own Articles of Association, signed on 18 May 2016, why were the shareholders not updated regarding the financial status of Monii and your intention to cease trading almost immediately?

9. Why do you continue to deny access to the bank account transactions?

10. How much of the Monii investment was diverted to your current venture Loop Software?

I think if we start to get some answers to the above, we will move a lot closer to finding out the truth and about Where Is The Money Monii!

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