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Oliver Gleave Evicts Single Mother During Lockdown

We received an interesting message from a former tenant of Oliver Gleave alleging that he evicted her and her children during the lockdown. The alleged incident took place in March 2021 from a property in Banbury owned and managed by Gleave. The former tenant said to Where Is The Monii Money that "...I had a 3-month-old baby and he gave me 10 days notice to leave..." She also alleged that Gleave, "...changed the locks while I was out and skipped all my furniture and children's toys..." The former tenant went on to say that no formal notice was ever served and that Oliver Gleave is taking legal action to reclaim for the cost of redecoration and the cost of the skip hire. We did email Oliver Gleave 14 days ago, but have yet to receive a response to get his side of the events. Not content with taking the savings of a terminally ill young lady, he has allegedly added evicting a single mother to his list of achievements. Maybe all of those adding endorsements for Loop Software should consider the consequences of being tarnished by association.

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